07 June 2020 / confederates
05 June 2020 / racists
04 June 2020 / colonizers / racists

The statue depicting the Texas Ranger Captain Jay Banks1, titled “One Riot, One Ranger” has been removed from Dallas Love Field Airport by the City of Dallas2.

02 June 2020 / racists
31 May 2020 / confederates

Protesters pulled down a statue of Charles Linn, a captain in the Confederate Navy, and forced the city to remove the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument of which it was a part.

20 August 2018 / confederates
11 August 2018 / colonizers / war-criminals

A statue of Sir John A. McDonald was removed by city action in August 2018 as part of a municipal process of reconciliation with local First Nations.

17 April 2018 / racists
07 October 2017 / confederates

A Confederate memorial built by the United Daughters of the Confederacy was removed from a park on George’s Island, MA after being boxed up for months.

19 August 2017 / confederates / slavers

A statue Confederate General Robert E. Lee was removed from Duke University’s Chapel after being damaged in the week following Unite the Right.